Personal Import Service

Can’t find a car you like in the stock? Do not worry, ff you have found your dream car that would like us to help you bring into australia, speak to our experienced team and we will be able to help you with hasstle free service, please note only cars listed on SEVS can be imported, for more information, please refer to

Vehicle Service

we offer regualr vehicle service, include but not limited to engine oil, break pads and transmission oil replacement, tyre change and balance, wheel allignment, interior detailing, etc

Modification Service

To dress up your vehicles, most poplular brand such as NISMO, HKS, GREDDY, RAYS etc, we offer car parts imports as well. 

To do a project on your car! we have connections with few best car tune shops in sydney.

All you need to do is to speak to our experienced team and we would love to help you!